Monday, October 8, 2012

Silly Kingdom 1 Year Anniversary!

Oct 8 last year marked the date my brother Shaggy and I released our first self published comic "Silly Kingdom," a project made possible by the generous donations and encouraging enthusiasm from our friends, family and readers from around the world. It's been an amazing year taking Silly Kingdom all across North America on convention tours. We met wonderful people and made new friends along the way, received the honor of being nominated for two 2012 Joe Shuster Awards, and were left with an itch to get back to making more comics!

While we wrap up the last of our IndieGogo donor rewards, and start planning more Silly Kingdom stories, we also wanted to mark the 1 year anniversary by making the comic more accessible to folk who haven't read it yet.

From now on the digital PDF version of the comic is $0.99 and the print version has been dropped to $6.00 (there are only 51 printed comics left and we won't be printing more until the 2nd comic is ready for publication after the winter). Both print and PDF versions can be found in our online shop (and if you're interested in getting a print copy be sure to let us know if you'd like us to personalize it to you!)

Thanks so much for your amazing support of our projects and this blog! Hope you have a superb weekend :D

Your friendly neighbourhood doodler,

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