Monday, December 12, 2011

Shanahanigans at the Small Press of Toronto bookfair

"Shanahanigans are a foot, you say!"

This past weekend my brother Shaggy, myself and my lovely table-buddy Adriana Blake attended the Small Press of Toronto winter book fair in the University of Toronto's Hart House campus. It was a delightful if humble event hosting about 50 vendors and a nice sized gathering of the curious, but I think what especially amazed us was how freakin' awesome the Hart House campus is!
Table buddy Adriana marvels at the Gothic Revival architecture pre-set up.

Now, the serious and stuffy kinds of scholarly folk might cringe at the notion of Hart House being compared to a certain Wizarding school, but I was delighted to hear "Feels like I'm at Hogwarts!"at least ten times while I was there (my own utterance being one of them). 

Adriana peeking out from behind our merch.

My bro and I had a limited supply of fresh-off-the-printer copies from our new-run of "Silly Kingdom" books and by the end of the show we were sold out. Thanks to everyone who bought a copy and kind thanks to all our generous IndieGogo patrons who swung by to pick theirs up, you guys are the best! 

Aside from selling books, checking out books, buying snacks, eating cupcakes, and running amuck on campus filming the rest of our IndieGogo "shout outs" (more on that later) my brother and I were lucky enough to have one of our pals (and notorious cupcake supplier) Chris Cater indulge us a photoshoot to celebrate our new comic. 

Fun times! I'll update with more info on adding Silly Kingdom to the online shop as soon as we pick up the remaining boxes of books this Wednesday!

Cheers gang, thanks for reading!

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