Monday, November 21, 2011

Tumblr love and Kt's drawing replies!

noxidassylem asked: I must admit, I was having a terrible day today, then I noticed that I received a package in the mail. The package contained Silly Kingdom. After reading it over, my terrible day became so much better and my day brightened up. Thank you to both you and your brother for making such a wonderful comic. I really hope you both continue making more :)

west-ward asked: I loved Silly Kingdom is was soo good. Can't wait till the sequels come out. Oh, btw I think I have kind of a crush on the Princess, she's super cute. ;-)

emmyc asked: I got my copy of Silly Kingdom and I loved it!!! I'll have you know that as soon as I finished, my nephew promptly stole it from me (the cover was far too intriguing!) and he's in the next room reading it out loud and doing all the voices and everything

emmyc asked: ok my nephew wants to review your book. "My favorite character was Marcus. He was hilarious! And I love the part where the kid says BOO SWEARS! It's a really awesome book and I hope you continue making the series." Tony, age 10. (giggles removed for clarity)

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